The use of cream or to form a damp proof course is a relatively new concept which is very effective in the control of rising damp in masonry by transfusing a silicon-based water repellent material into the brickwork. The principle is very simple and requires no electrical pumps, high-pressure systems or excess fluids in the form of a water or white spirit carrier. Our thixotropic damp proofing creams is a very high concentration of water miscible active ingredient in a cream formulation that cleverly utilises the moisture already in a damp wall to aid its distribution.

This significantly minimises the occurrence of ‘viscous fingering’ associated with pressure injected systems and or cream dpc has the further advantage of a designed in slow curing process that ensures the maximum diffusion potential. Of further significant importance is the vapour phase of Dryzone, which imparts considerable water repellent properties into adjacent masonry. The combined effect is the most revolutionary and effective method of controlling rising damp by a chemical process to be introduced in over 40 years. Of further significant importance is the simplicity of the introduction process that makes it difficult to install ‘incorrectly’ and therefore less reliant upon good operative technique.